Anernerem Tanqilriim Akqutkumallra – Acts 1:1-8 ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Yup’ik Alaskan


Anernerem Tanqilriim Akqutkumallra – Acts 1:1-8

Holy Bible in Yupik (Native Alaskan)

1 Ciuqliit kalikautekellrenka elpenun Theophilus-aaq, qaneryarangqertut Jesus-aam calillranek, ayuqucirtuutekellranek-llu ayagniqarraallranek, 2 qilagmun mayullra engelkarrluku, Anernerkun Tanqilriakun alerquumariamiki elitnaurani cucukellni. 3Nangteqellmi-llu kinguani tangercet’lartuq ellaitnun yuucimitun, nallunaitqapiggluni; yuinaagnek-llu malrugnek ernengqerluni qavcirqunek alairvik’larai, Agayutem-llu Angayuqauvia qalarutekluku. 4Quyungqallratni-llu inerqurai Jerusalem-aamek ayaasqevkenaki, tau͡gaam utaqasqelluku Aatam akqutii, tauna-gguq, “Niitellerci wangnek. 5Wani-wa John-aaq ilumun angllurcecilartuq merkun. Tau͡gaam elpeci ak’anivkenaci anglluumaciquci Anernerkun Tanqilriakun.”
6Quyurrvikellratni aptaat qanerluteng, “Ataneq, uum-qaa nalliini Israel-aam angayuqauvia ataam piurteqataran?” 7Kiugai-llu, “Elpeci nallunrilkaunritarci picirkaq ciunerkaq-llu, Aatam kiimi pisqutkarkaungaku. 8Tau͡gaam elpeci Anernermek Tanqilriamek pingumarikuvci pinimek cikiumaciquci; nallunairistekciqamci-llu Jerusalem-aami, Judea-mi-llu, Samaria-mi-llu, nunani-llu tamaitni.”

Yupik Bible (YPK)

Central Yupik – Yup’ik


Glorification of the Venerable Herman of Alaska, Wonderworker of All America



Glorification of the Venerable Herman of Alaska,

Wonderworker of All America



Venerable Herman of Alaska, Wonderworker of All America. A spiritual mission was organized in 1793, made up of monks of the Valaam Monastery. They were sent to preach the Word of God to the native inhabitants of northwestern America, who only ten years before had come under the sovereignty of Russia. St Herman was among the members of this Mission.

St Herman came from a family of merchants of Serpukhov, a city of the Moscow Diocese. His name before he was tonsured, and his family name are not known. (The monastic name is given when a monk takes his vows). He had a great zeal for piety from youth, and at sixteen he entered monastic life. (This was in 1772, if we assume that Herman was born in 1756, although sometimes 1760 is given as the date of his birth.) First he entered the Trinity-Sergius Hermitage which was located near the Gulf of Finland on the Peterhof Road, about 15 versts (about 10 miles) from St Petersburg.


At the St Sergius Hermitage there occurred the following incident to Father Herman. On the right side of his throat under his chin there appeared an abscess. The swelling grew rapidly, disfiguring his face. It became difficult for him to swallow, and the odor was unbearable. In this critical condition Father Herman awaited death. He did not appeal to a physician of this world, but locking his cell he fell before an icon of the Queen of Heaven. With fervent tears he prayed, asking of Her that he might be healed. He prayed the whole night. Then he took a wet towel and with it wiped the face of the Most Holy Mother, and with this towel he covered the swelling. He continued to pray with tears until he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion on the floor. In a dream he saw the Virgin Mary healing him.

When Herman awoke in the morning, he found to his great surprise that he was fully healed. The swelling had disappeared, even though the abscess had not broken through, leaving behind but a small mark as though a reminder of the miracle. Physicians to whom this healing was described did not believe it, arguing that it was necessary for the abscess to have either broken through of its own accord or to have been cut open. But the words of the physicians were the words of human experience, for where the grace of God operates there the order of nature is overcome. Such occurrences humble human reason under the strong hand of God’s Mercy.


For five or six years Father Herman continued to live in the St Sergius Hermitage, and then he transferred to the Valaam Monastery, which was widely scattered on the large islands in the waters of the great Lake Ladoga. He came to love the Valaam haven with all his soul, as he came to love its unforgettable Superior, the pious Elder Nazarius, and all the brethren. He Continue reading “Glorification of the Venerable Herman of Alaska, Wonderworker of All America”

Facebook: Native American Orthodox Christians

Facebook: Native American Orthodox Christians

“God can create great beauty from complete desolation” – Saint Olga of Alaska, USA (+1979)


“God can create great beauty from complete desolation”

Saint Olga of Alaska, USA (+1979)


New State Museum Named for Orthodox Priest Opens in Juneau, Alaska, USA – James Brooks



Alaska, USA


New State Museum Named for Orthodox Priest Opens in Juneau, Alaska, USA

by James Brooks



The writer evidently ‘forgot’ to mention that Andrew Kashevaroff was an Alaskan Orthodox priest, or that the current bishop of Alaska, Bishop David of Sitka and All Alaska, gave the invocation. May Fr. Andrew’s memory be eternal!


After 12 years and about $140 million in development, Alaska has a new state museum.

The Andrew P. Kashevaroff State Library, Archives and Museum, affectionately known as the SLAM, officially opened after an hourlong ceremony featuring speeches from state dignitaries and song and dance from the Harborview Elementary School Tlingit Culture and Language Literacy Program. Hundreds of people filled the plaza outside the new building, standing under a cloud-dappled sky that occasionally dropped rain showers. The clouds parted just as Sen. Dennis Egan, D-Juneau, rose to speak.

“This is a moment that will be marked in Alaska’s history by what is happening today,” Gov. Bill Walker told the crowd. “This building is absolutely phenomenal by what it represents.”

What it represents is a long-term commitment. Bob Banghart, deputy director of the state division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, has repeatedly said the new building — which combines the services of the capital’s museum, archives and library into one Continue reading “New State Museum Named for Orthodox Priest Opens in Juneau, Alaska, USA – James Brooks”

Tlingit Orthodox Language Texts ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Tlingit Native American



Tlingit Orthodox Language Texts

First Version of the Lord’s Prayer in the Tlingit Language
translator unknown – manuscript 1812, published 1816 (0.2 MB)

An Exercise in Translation into the Tlingit Language
Selection from “Observations about the Tlingit & Kodiak languages”
by Dimitry Larionov – published 1846 by St. Innocent (Veniaminov) (0.4 MB)

• Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – manuscript 1854-1859

An Early Published Version of the Lord’s Prayer
Selection from “The Frigate Pallada: Descriptions of the Voygage of Ivan Goncharov”
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – published 1858 by Ivan Goncharov (0.5 MB)

Prayers in the Tlingit (Kolosh) Language
by Fr. Vladimir Donskoi – published 1895 (0.1 MB)

Membership Regulations & Oath
Orthodox Society of St. Michael the Archangel in Sitka
by St. Anatoly (Kamensky) – manuscript 1896 (0.2 MB)

Sbornik (Selections) of Church Hymns and Prayers
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – published 1896 (0.2 MB)

The Indication of the Pathway into the Kingdom of Heaven: Part 1
by St. Innocent (Veniaminov), translated by Sergei I. Kostromitinov – published 1901 (0.2 MB)

Short History of the Old & New Testaments (in Questions & Answers)
• Part 1: Old Testament History
• Part 2: New Testament History
by Fr. Vladimir Donskoi and Michael Sinkiel’ – published 1901 (0.9 MB)

Orthodox Burial Hymn, Tone 6
Translation of the hymn “As ye behold me lie before you all”
by Fr. Andrew P. Kashevarof – typewritten 1920 (0.1 MB)

Selections from the Twelve Pre-Communion Prayers
Prayers 1, 4, 8, 11 of the Pre-Communion Rule of Prayers
by Fr. Andrew P. Kashevarof – typewritten 1920 (0.4 MB)