Kodiak-Aleut (Alutiiq) Orthodox Language Texts ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Kodiak-Aleut (Alutiiq) Alaskan


Kodiak-Aleut (Alutiiq) Orthodox Language Texts

First Version of the Lord’s Prayer in the Kodiak (Alutiiq) Language
by Fr. Hieromonk Gideon (Fedotov) – manuscript 1804-1807, published 1816 (0.2 MB)

Pascha Gospel Reading
Selection from “Observations about the Tlingit & Kodiak languages”
by Gregory Terent’ev – published 1846 by St. Innocent (Veniaminov) (0.4 MB)

Sacred History & Christian Catechism
by Ilya Tyzhnov – published 1847 (0.5 MB)

Alutiiq Primer
by Ilya Tyzhnov – published 1848 (0.2 MB)

Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew
by Ilya Tyzhnov – published 1848 (1.4 MB)

Primer and Prayerbook
by Constantine Larionov – manuscript 1855-1867 (0.4 MB)

Liturgical Translations from the Services of Christmas, Great Lent & Holy Week
by Emil Kosbruk – manuscript 1953 (0.2 MB)

Thrice-Holy Prayers and Little Litany
by Jeff Leer and Sergius Moonin – manuscript 1981 (0.1 MB)